Links to related sites
The number of sites providing information about renewable energy is rapidly increasing.   Listed  below
are some  sites we found interesting:
Western Renewable Energy
Generation Information System
The site is the official site for the development of a multi-state
renewable energy tracking system (WREGIS)
Database of State Incentives for
Renewable Energy
The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
(DSIRE) is a comprehensive source of information on state,
local, utility, and selected federal incentives that promote
renewable energy.
Western Interstate Energy Board
The Western Interstate Energy Board is an organization of 12
western states and three western Canadian provinces.  The
purpose of the Board is to enhance the economy of the West
through efforts in the energy field.  The Board serves as the
energy arm of the Western Governors’ Association
Low Impact Hydro Institute
The institute provides certification of environmentally
responsible, "low impact" hydropower
henwood associates inc
renewable energy for the new millennia
Sites useful for managing operational projects:
California ReMAT Contract
The site accepts 5-minute OMAR data obtained from the
CAISO, performs ReMAT compliant settlement computations,
and produces pdf invoices for counterparties